House rental tips part 3

There used to be a real stigma to renting with people feeling embarrassed to mention it because others would think they can’t afford to get on the property ladder, or think they’re a low income earner or maybe a single Mum. That is not the case anymore, the UK rental market has changed a lot and more and more people are renting because of their job location, or to be within the school catchment area or just because they refuse to pay the high stamp duty charges. Read more about the changes in this article.

I say this over and over again but just because you rent your house doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home. Read my previous posts, Rental Tips part 1 {paint} and part 2 {curtains and blinds} for some ideas of where to start.

Statement furniture is the next game changer. Many people feel that when they are renting they have to buy cheap make-do furniture as it’s not their house and may not suit or fit in the next property they move to. This is true for certain items but each room should have at least one statement piece of furniture. Something that you love and will keep forever. It will really anchor and set the tone for that room, so even if you can’t fully decorate that room how you would if you owned the house you can distract the eye with your statement piece. 

So how do you chose your statement piece? 

Go for something that tells a story, something pre loved, vintage or Antique that isn’t perfect and therefore makes your space feel totally unique. 

Visit auction houses, flea markets, scour your local antique/vintage or even house clearance stores if you have any nearby. Build up a good relationship with them so they keep an eye out for you when sourcing products. Also online vintage/Antique stores are popping up more and more these days, I follow a few on Instagram which I will list below. eBay & gumtree etc… are also a great place to find one off pieces. 

The thing I love about one off pieces is you have to buy from the heart, there’s no time to think about the ifs and buts or procrastinate as it will be gone. So if you love it, buy it! There’s a lot to be said for following your heart not your head! When you love it so much you will find it has longevity, you won’t want to get rid of it. 

So think beautiful patinated leather armchairs, vintage rugs, Cool art, French armoires, Antique Mirrors and rustic cabinets to name a few. 

These are some of my favourites Instagram accounts for vintage & Antique finds 

@louisagraceinteriors @vincentandbarn @etceteravintage  @wolfandhare @rustynailtraders @funkyfarmhouse @dirtyprettyvintage @thistlehomestore @mustardvintage @homebarn @purewhitelines

Here are ways that I’ve incorporated statement pieces into our rented home.

Vintage kitchen workbench

Vintage kitchen workbench

Vintage workbench

My beloved Vintage workbench which I searched and searched for and finally found the one I loved from a seller on eBay. This is used as an island in our kitchen where we all sit every evening for dinner. I think it has to be my favourite ever piece of furniture. If furniture could talk, I’m sure this would have a few stories to tell!

Vintage chesterfield sofa

My Vintage, leather chesterfield sofa which again I found on eBay and arranged a courier to collect it from Leeds. I love every detail especially the patina in the leather.

Vintage leather gym mat headboard

Vintage leather gym mat headboard

My Fabulous Vintage, leather gym mat which I use as a headboard. Again, after searching for months I sourced this from an antique dealer in Brighton.

Church pew

Church pew

My Church pew bench which I found in a local bric-a brac store and upcycled.

Have you bought any Vintage or Antique statement pieces that you adore and will keep forever? I would love to see them, you can tag me on any of the social media channels. Also if you’re struggling for inspiration, need help sourcing products or help taking your home to the next level check out my Interior services including my express E-styling service and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by entering your details in the box below… I promise not to share your details with anyone.



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