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So you don’t have a fire but you have a fireplace? A non-working fireplace, in my opinion that’s still a huge bonus. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a big roaring fire in winter. We had a long burner in our previous home and it’s something that I really missed when we moved. The Victorian terraced house that we rent at the moment has a gas fire in the front half of our open plan living room and a non working fireplace in the rear half. I personally feel that that the next best thing to having a fire is a fireplace! Lots of older style houses have them in bedrooms too which I absolutely love. We’re lucky to have them in two of our bedrooms. I think they’re a great focal point in any room and provide the coveted mantle for styling up with candles, art, mirrors etc…. Styling the mantle is the easy part though, I often get clients that are stuck for ideas as to what they can put inside the unused fireplace.

This alcove of space leaves a wide-open opportunity for some creative decorating, especially if you rent because a fireplace is not something that can easily be removed and popped back when you move out! So if for whatever reason you don’t have a real fire and you’re looking for inspiration for your non working fireplace here are some of my favourite ways to style them.


This is my personal favourite, especially in winter as the candles give off a beautiful, flickering fire like glow and it looks super cosy. Use pillar candles in different heights and squeeze in as many as will fit.

ways to style an unused fireplace

ideas for non working fireplaces, candles

Fairy lights

To add sparkle and warmth use a string or two of fairy lights. This style is perfect for a kids bedroom where you want add a soft glow without using candles.

Revamp restyle reveal

ideas for non working fireplaces, fairy lightsAll above images- Kerry Lockwood


Chopped logs give a rustic feel, they look great when packed together in a fireplace.

unused fireplace ideas, logsImage –  Pinterest

Pine cones

I love this idea, simply lay some giant pine cones in the fire tray, you could even wrap a few tiny fairy lights round too.

unused fireplace ideas, pine conesImage credit – Est Magazine

Fireplace library

Make use of the empty space and turn it into a book case, perfect for small rooms where you don’t have the space for shelving.

unused fireplace ideasImage – Home Edit

Indoor garden

Release your inner green fingered goddess, I love grouping plants together in different styles and heights.

unused fireplace ideasImage – Real Simple

Chalkboard fireplace.

This is a great idea for a kids bedroom but also perfect if you want to add seasonal decor

unused fireplace ideasImage – Write like no ones watching 

unused fireplace ideasImage – Built by kids

Your music collection

Display your favourite music collection, whether its records or CD’s

unused fireplace ideasImage – Pinterest


Such a great idea for a master bedroom for all those heels are too pretty to hide away.

unused fireplace ideasImage – Jenna Lyons


Do you have a non-working fireplace? Have you transformed it into anything? Let us know what you did in the comments.



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