I recently posted a photo on Instagram of the corner of my living room where my TV is and had so many comments saying they love how the TV blends into the wall. If I’m honest, TV cabinets are one area that I really struggle with. In fact I would quite happily live without a tv in my life, most stands/cabinets that are made specifically for TV’s are ugly! Also I can never understand why people hang their TV’s above the fireplace to make them stand out as a feature in the room!! For me if I’m going to have one it has to disappear and the best way of doing this is to have it against a dark background. Ideally a dark painted wall but you could also use a dark bookcase. You don’t have to paint the whole room dark, you could just have one feature wall where the TV is going to be.

the perfect TV UnitHere you can see how the TV looks against the light wall and how much better in blends in once painted dark.

When we first moved into this house we used a rustic apple crate as a TV stand for the first 6 months because the TV unit from our old house (see above) was too big to fit. I just couldn’t find anything that I liked to fit the alcove where I wanted the TV to go. Thats when I decided that it doesn’t have to be an actual TV stand, any type of sideboard/table/console will work and also stop that space looking like a “TV corner”. So I found the perfect sideboard on Gumtree for £25 and painted it as I didn’t want it standing out too much against my dark walls. I then hung some prints around it and added a few plants to disguise it even more! So when the TV is turned off you would never even know it was there!! There’s also storage inside for all the other unsightly electrical components like the sky box, DVD player, X box etc….

the perfect TV UnitThe TV unit as advertised on Gumtree.

the perfect TV UnitHow it looks once I painted and styled it with prints & plants.

Hidden TV

This image from ticks all the boxes and at first glance you can’t even tell it’s a TV on the wall!


So my top tips would be to a) paint the wall behind the TV dark because as you can see in the various images above, it looks so much better once it fades into the walls! b) Look around for an unexpected piece of furniture which will work even better as a TV cabinet and also be unique to you. Ebay, Gumtree, furniture clearance warehouses or any second hand furniture shops are all good for hunting out things like this. Read my guide to Upcycling here if you’re not sure where to start. c) Hang prints around the tv to create a gallery wall which will help to disguise he TV and also use plants, lamps, candles style the area, all of which will help the TV to blend in.

 If scouring second hand stores is not your thing then here are 5 options which I love and feel would work in most spaces.

Rustic TV unitI love this Industrial style, French oak unit from Etsy. Little bit pricey at £649 but you will keep it forever.

Industrial rustic TV cabinetThis one is also from Etsy and has an industrial rustic vibe but is cheaper at £269.

TV cabinetThis French cabinet is a one off piece from Louisa Grace Interiors so you would have to snap it up fast. I don’t think a £495 price tag is bad at all for this beauty.

Rustic TV unitI love the hair pin legs on this and it is a steal for £135. Also found on Etsy.

Maisons du monde tv cabinetMaisons  Du Monde do some gorgeous industrial style furniture, I love the metal locker style of this one and a great price at £115.

So what do you think? Have you been struggling to find the perfect TV unit? If you need any further help styling your space then get in touch, I would love to help.

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