An exposed brick feature wall mural with Rebel walls
This post is in collaboration with Rebel Walls**


I’ve had so many amazing comments and messages about Alfie’s teenage boys bedroom revamp and so many of you have asked about the exposed brick feature wall. I can totally understand why, because I’m in love with it too! I actually think it would work in most style rooms but it works particularly well in a loft room like this.


So is it real brick some of you asked? Is it brick slips? Nope It’s actually a wall mural from Rebel walls. I didn’t quite understand how a wall mural worked at first. To me a mural is a painting or work of art which is applied straight onto the wall so I couldn‘t work out how it would be printed onto such a large sheet then shipped and applied to the wall?! Is that just me being stupid or did you think the same?!


So let me explain! All Rebel wall murals are custom made. You give them the height and width measurements of the wall that you want to decorate and your chosen mural is printed onto the exact measurements of your walls. It arrives in large rolls which are 45cm wide and you cut along the dotted lines. Each piece is numbered so then you basically just start from the left and work your way along the wall, piecing each length together in order. I guess it’s just like old fashioned wallpaper but much easier to match the pattern as it’s all done for you when it is printed. There are plenty of instructions including an easy to follow video on the Rebel walls website, so don’t worry if like myself you have never done any wallpapering before, it really is straight forward and it even comes with the wallpaper paste provided free of charge.


A wall mural is a unique way to transform any space. The hardest part is deciding which Mural you’re going to go for as they have over 12 million images in their image bank! Luckily their website breaks the designs down into categories to make it easier to find the perfect one, you can even customise your own by sending in an image and they will create you your very own mural. The one that I chose is called Newport but there are so many other exposed brick designs to choose from too. I think the whole surfaces category has to be my favourite. I’ve included some of them below, along with before and after photo’s of Alfie’s bedroom wall mural.


I would love to know what you think in the comments below? Have you used a wall mural before? Which design is your favourite?


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An exposed brick feature wall with rebel murals
How it looked before
An exposed brick feature wall with rebel murals
Cutting the lengths
An exposed brick feature wall with rebel murals
Half way there!
An exposed brick feature wall with rebel murals
An exposed brick feature wall with rebel murals


Revamp Restyle reveal, Teenage boys bedroom, Cotswold co floor lamp
I am totally in love.


Here are some of my other favourite designs from Rebel walls.


Rebel walls mural
Rebel walks mural
Rebel walls mural
Rebel walls mural


**This post is in collaboration with Rebel Walls but as usual, all opinions and photo’s are my own.


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