I’m a very impulse kind of gal when it comes to decorating, I definitely follow my heart! The bedroom carpet in our rented house was pink and starting to look very tired so I checked with my Landlords and they gave me the thumbs up to get rid. 

Master bedroom, before

So during the 1st England match of Euro 2016, to my Husbands horror, I disappeared upstairs and started lifting furniture and rolling back the carpet!! The floor boards underneath were in great condition but they were stained around the edges (see photo below) which used to be common back in the early 19th Century as a way to frame carpets. So really I had two options, I could either sand the edges back to the bare wood and start over with either floor paint or a natural stain. Alternatively I could stick with how it was and just stain the whole lot dark… Which is what I decided to do! 

master bedroom floor

Off I went to my local paint shop and they recommend Sadolin classic wood protection. There are so many alternatives available depending on what kind of surface you’re applyng it to and also what kind of finish you’re looking for. Always get advise and make sure you are selecting the right one. i.e. if your floor is already stained/painted/varnished you may need a primer or a specific kind of stain. I went for the Sadolin in Ebony which is the darkest shade they do.        Saddling, floor, stain

I can’t emphasise how important it is to prep the floor 1st. If you’re anything like me you’ll want to start slapping the colour on but the preparation will really make a difference to the finished result. 

After I had removed all the carpet grips, any nails/staples & underlay I then gave it a rough sand down. Luckily I could do this by hand, I mainly focused on the edges where it had previously been stained and also any paint splats & nail holes on the bare wood to try and get the smoothest finish possible. I then set about giving the floor a good hoover and a thorough clean, making sure it was dust free.

To apply the stain I used a wide paintbrush and just followed the direction of the grain. The Sadolin is really easy to apply, I just made sure I was applying the stain as evenly as possible.

Staining bedroom floor

The downside is that it took yonks to dry, after 2 days it still felt tacky to touch. Apart from me being so impatient it wasn’t such a problem with it being in our bedroom, we just moved into the spare room until the 2nd coat was completely dry.

I am no expert, I just wing it as I go and it’s by no means perfect. Three coats would have given a darker finish but two were perfect for me, I love the rustic feel of the grain showing through. I’m so happy with the transformation, it feels like a new bedroom. I still need to add a few rugs and finishing touches before it’s complete but you’ll be the first to see when it is!

Finished bedroom floor Stained bedroom floor, feet

Carpets can be expensive so aswell as looking uber stylish this is a much cheaper option. I hope this has been helpful and inspired you to to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Thank you for reading, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

K x


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