Home office ideas for small spaces

There’s one area of our home that has more functionality and gets used more than any other, can you guess where it is? ( Maybe the blog title gives it away a bit!!) Yep… Our little office nook! I’m so glad I decided to incorporate it into our living room, both my Husband and I use the computer every day in our house and as the kids are getting older they’re starting to use it more for homework, games or YouTube which my daughter in particular loves and can often be seen dancing away to a music video! It also means if one of us is working late we’re not shut away so it doesn’t feel too unsociable and I can keep an eye on the kids internet usage!

 So maybe you’re tired of using the dining table as your office and the top of the microwave as your filing system but never thought you had the space for an office area. It doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of space in your home, especially since wifi printers were introduced, they aren’t the prettiest of things but now you can stash them away in a cupboard, wardrobe or spare room and print wirelessly. All you need is a desk big enough for your laptop or computer, and maybe a couple of drawers for all your paperwork.

I chose a small alcove in my living room but any area which is dead space would work well. Do you have landing space at the top of the stairs? Small area in the bedroom or kitchen? Somewhere that you want to hang out in rather than feel like you’re having to shut yourself away. Office space doesn’t have to mean practical filing cabinets and boring, ugly office chairs. For me when I’m working on mood boards and blog posts I need to feel inspired, happy and motivated. You can style them how you want and easily tie them into your current space.

Once you’ve decided where you’d like your little office nook to be it’s time to measure up and search for a table to fit that space. Choose something that’s not too office-y. I found the perfect one in Ikea, they have a fab range of table tops and legs which you can mix and match to find a combination that suits your needs. I love their trestle legs but they were too big for the space that I was using so I went for these curvy ones instead. For your chair you may want to have something practical if you’re spending a long time working at your desk. It’s something that my husband likes to moan about as I went for an old rustic stool and painted it in red gloss, I like to mix and match old and new and I love how it adds colour and pops against my dark, inky walls. I guess it’s not ideal to be sat at for long periods but i’ve never been one to go for practicality over style!!  You could always go for an old rustic/vintage desk then get a more modern, office-y stool.

Decorate your office space like you would the rest of your home. Add a cool lamp, artwork, wire notice boards, faux flowers/plants, candles. All areas of the home need texture so create this in your office nook using cushions, rugs or a cosy sheepskin thrown over your chair, a space that makes you happy to work in.

Here is my home office nook, you can read where to shop my desk accessories in my previous blog post. Also head over to my Pinterest profile where I have a board full of home office ideas. I’ve included some of my favourites below

Kerry Lockwood - In Detail. Home office

Kerry Lockwood - In Details, home office

Kerry Lockwood - In detail, home office blog

Kerry Lockwood - In Detail, Jo and Judy diary, calendar, organiser

Kerry Lockwood - In Detail, home office, Paul Smith Anglepoise lamp

Kerry Lockwood - In Detail home office blog Kerry Lockwood - In Detail home office

Nailed it! This has to be one of my favourite office nooks ever! I so want that screen saver and how cool does the rustic old step look alongside the glass table. It belongs to Michael who is one half of Shoot Factory, a location agency and location library which provides shoot locations to hire for photo shoots, tv and film in London, the UK and Internationaly. You should pop over to their website to drool over some of the properties. Photo’s from Pinterest.

Kerry Lockwood In Detail Home office Kerry Lockwood In Detail Home office

Love the industrial vibe on the left photo using the tongue and groove floor board as a desk top. I had to do a double take on the right hand photo to see if it was a rug or a dog sleeping under the desk! Great way of adding texture and keeping your toes warm whilst you work! The chalkboard paint above the desk is such a great idea too for reminders and  to do lists! Photo’s from my Home office Pinterest board

So this is where you’ll find me most hours of the day, In my little happy office nook! If you’re struggling for ideas and inspiration for any area of your home take a look at my Express styling package. Also if you enjoy reading my posts and find them useful and inspiring I would love you to subscribe by popping your email address in the box below.



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