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Bathrooms can be boring and sterile but this doesn’t have to be the case. Decorate your bathroom like you would any other room in your house. You wouldn’t want a living room with just a sofa, chair and a tv would you??? So why would you want a bathroom with just a bath, a toilet and a sink?  You don’t need to spend a fortune to take it to the next level.

Bathroom gallery wall

Plants are quick, easy and cost effective way to bring your bathroom to life. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your decor needs to stand out. Place them on the floor, on vanity units, on the bath and hang them from the ceiling using different planters/baskets to add texture. In my bathroom (see above) I’ve used a mixture of real and faux plants. Faux plants are great if you have very little natural light in your bathroom. I’ve added this gorgeous copper hanging planter from which is also available in brass. Here are a few more ideas which I hope will inspire you.

Bathroom window, plants

My Bathroom

Bathroom plants

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Bathroom jungle

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Bath greenery Banana trees, bathroom

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Personalise your walls by adding prints, art or photos. I also love to mix in the odd fun & quirky print. The bathroom is a room that you can get away with adding humour and personality by getting a bit cheeky! Makes that trip the the loo a whole lot more interesting!! Here are some of my faves:

Bathroom quote Bathroom copper planter

My Bathroom

Bathroom prints gallery

Top left: Caroline Gardner Calendar – The Calendar club Top right: Did I just roll my eyes – Love ur

1. The best seat in the house – Etsy 2. Empty roll print – Juniqe 3. Please remain seated – Etsy 4. In case of emergency – All Posters

5.That’s how I roll – Crown prints 6. Replacing the toilet paper print – Similar here – Etsy 7. Wipe it print – Pixtea 8. Our aim print – similar here – Amazon

Rugs are a great way to infuse your bathroom with a dose of warmth and personality and I’m not just talking your standard bath mat here. Parisian, cowhide, sheepskin, shaggy wool rugs all add great texture and interest. Shop my favourite’s here:

Rugs bathroom

1. Ikea £10 2. M&S £59-£149 3. Ikea £19 4. La Redoute £39-£119 (Sale) 5. Edit 58 £75 6. La Redoute £125-£199

 7&8. Cowboy Kate prices from £60 9. Urban Outfitters £ 25 10. Etsy from £60

Have a great weekend!

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