Ronseal One coat tile paint

AD – This post is in partnership with Ronseal.

It’s been four years since I last gave our kitchen any attention, it’s starting to look a little shabby, especially the tiles which I originally painted 4 years ago. Tile paints weren’t as popular back then, so I used a primer and a gloss paint. Fast forward to now and some of the paint has started to bubble and peel away. So I did a little research into tile paints and Ronseal One Coat Tile paint was the favourite. After all, it is formulated specifically for the job so will work much better than what I had previously used.

Painting your tiles is such a cheap and easy way to transform your kitchen. I chose Satin white, as I wanted the kitchen to feel lighter and fresh.


First of all I stripped the original paint, you can see how I did that in my YouTube Video below. Once the paint was fully removed I then cleaned the tiles thoroughly with a spray bleach to make sure they were free of any grease and dirt and allowed them to dry naturally. I then used masking tape around the edges before starting with the fun part.

Kitchen tiles before The black tiles before they were stripped.

Tile paint beforeHere’s how the tiles looked when the paint was stripped off.


The Ronseal One coat tile paint was super easy to apply. I used a natural bristled paint brush and applied the paint in the same direction, up and down making sure I covered over all the grout lines too. The paint is quite thick to apply so make sure you only use a thin coat as you don’t want it to drip.

1st coat of Ronseal tile paint1st coat going on!

Drying time

Brush strokes are quite visible with the first coat, it does state that darker tiles may need a second coat and as you can see below, one coat wasn’t enough so I applied a second coat 24hrs later, make sure you don’t rush this stage. It’s important to wait at least 24hrs for the first coat to completely dry. For the second coat I applied it in a different direction, going across the tiles, this then made sure that the previous brush marks weren’t visible.

Ronseal satin white tile paint

Fresh painted tiles with Ronseal

Finishing off

I then waited a few hours before removing the masking tape, I always prefer to remove it whilst the paint is still wet though to prevent dry paint, which is attached to the masking tape,  pulling off on the tiles too. To finish off I’m going to apply some fresh white silicone to where the tiles meet the worktops as this has come away with time.


The painted tiles are super easy to clean, I just wipe over them with mild dish soap to remove any dust and grease, it’s important not to use any strong chemicals or scrub too hard.

Ronseal tile paint finished white

So what do you think? I’m really happy with the transformation, the kitchen feels so much brighter with the white tiles. Just a small tin of paint and a couple of hours work has made such a huge difference. Prefect if you’re renting like us or if you’re planning on replacing the kitchen at some point and not quite ready to start replacing tiles.

Ronseal kitchen


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