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Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons for decorating the house. As soon as I spot pumpkins for sale in the supermarkets, I can’t resist buying one, or 10 to display outside the front door. I also love having little munchkins (miniature pumpkins) dotted around on tables, shelves and mantelpieces. You can see more of those in my YouTube video. 

I remember a couple of years back, lots of people painting their pumpkins white to match their decor, but there’s no need to do that now as ghost pumpkins are becoming more popular and can easily be picked up in supermarkets.

Last year I bought a couple of larger ghost pumpkins and decided to try out a leopard print design that I’d seen on Instagram. They were really popular and I loved having them displayed around my home, the colours work so well with the autumnal shades of browns and burn orange. So I thought I’d do them again this year, along with a little tutorial on how you can make your own! They are super easy, and quite therapeutic to do. Maybe you could even let the kids join in!

Hallway pumpkin display


Here’s what you need:

1 x Ghost pumkin (I picked mine up in Morisson’s)

1 x Black liquid chalk marker.

1 x Brown liquid chalk marker.

How to design leopard print pumpkins

Get creative!

Push the tips of the pens down to get the ink flowing, then simply follow the steps above. Starting with the brown, just squiggle different shapes onto the pumpkin. Then use the black to outline them. Do some with a full outline and then others just partial,  using different pattens as shown below. Then add the odd black squiggle as you go! It really is that easy, you can’t go wrong.

Now to decide where to put them, you’ll need more than one. Beware… then can become addictive!

Leopard print pumpkins

Hallway, Kerry Lockwood

Shelf above radiator in hallway

Dining table, leopard print pumpkin display

Living room, autumn

Will you be having a go at pimping your pumpkin? Where would you put them in your home? Make sure you send me your photo’s so that I don’t miss out!





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