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For a while now I’ve felt that our bedroom was lacking something, the bed wasn’t comfy, the lighting wasn’t right. I love my vintage leather gym mat which I’ve used as a headboard for the past 4 years, but it just didn’t feel luxe enough for a bedroom. I wanted it to have that luxury hotel, cosy vibe so I decided it was time for a revamp.

Colour Palette.

First up was choosing a colour palette. I decided to go for warm neutrals throughout to have a calming but cosy feel. After trying tonnes of testers I decided on School House White by Farrow and Ball for the walls , skirting boards and coving, then Shaded White also by Farrow and Ball for the door frames. They work really well together with just a small contrast between the two.


A couple of years ago we removed the woodchip from the walls in our bedroom and rather than get the walls skimmed, we decided to hang a thick lining paper, so the walls are a little uneven. Also with us living in a Victorian house the ceilings are quite high and we have a huge bay window so the room always felt quite cold. With all these in mind I decided to have a go at panelling the walls. You can see the video tutorial of how I did It here. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out and feel it’s made a huge difference to the feel of the room, adding interest and making it much more cosy.

Finding a bed.

The next task was choosing a bed, it turns out I’m really quite fussy when it comes to beds! I searched online and couldn’t find one which I really loved. I knew that I wanted it to feel luxe but not too fussy and I wanted something a little bit different. I finally found the one on eBay! It was a store return so I snapped it up.


Getting the lighting right is really important to how a space feels. I wanted wall lights but with us renting, I didn’t want the cost of an electrician having to wire them into the walls. So I started looking for plug-in options which are all pretty basic until I discovered Original BTC, they have the most gorgeous selection of lighting. I fell in love with the Hector medium pleat wall light, PSC. Which stands for plug socket & cable, so all you have to do is fix it to the wall with a couple of screws and plug it in! So simple and perfect if you’re renting like us. There’s no way I’m leaving these babies behind when we move out! I’ll just unscrew them and fill the holes… simple!

I’ve discussed everything in much more detail in my YouTube video below, so to save repeating myself I’ll let you head over and watch that, hope you enjoy it! I’ve also tried to link all the products at the bottom of this post, but if I’ve missed anything please leave me a message in the comments.



Bedroom chest of drawers

Rustic flowers

Bedside table, neutral bedroom

Bedroom makeover, panelling

Master bedroom, hotel luxe

Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers

edside table styling

Panelling, neutral bedroom, Orinigan BTC Hector light

Lifestyle photo reading on bed

Brickslips fireplace bedroom

Fitted wardrobes

Neutral bedroom, School house white Farrow and Ball

Bedside table

Original BTC Hector PSC wall light

Original BTC Hector PSC wall light

Bedroom bay window

Bedside table styling

Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers hack

Cox & Cox Marble drawer handles, bedroom makeover


Original BTC Hector Medium Pleat wall light, PSC.*

Grey Velvet bed 

Bedside tables

Wooden bench*

Marble & brass knob*

Pine chest of drawers – Ebay.

Large white chest of drawers

Scatter cushion


Roller blinds 

Waffle bedspread

Floor paint 

The above items marked with * are PR products which were gifted.


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