When my Father-in-law came to visit last week he was amazed at how many plants I have and how I mange to keep on top of looking after them all! Well let me fill you in on a little secret… They are not all real!! My top tip is to mix real plants and flowers with faux ones and no one will ever know! 

For some people artificial flowers still carry an ongoing stigma but let me assure you, both faux flowers & plants have come along way from the dusty polyester that your great grandma used to own! 

Can you spot the faux in these photo’s? 

Faux plants, dining room, fake flowers, artificial plants, artificial flowers, bar trolley, drinks cart, white wooden floor

The faux Agave in the basket! – Astella Hrela

Living room, mantel styling, faux plants, artificial plants, standing calendar, workspace, living room styling, stiffly able walls, farrow and ball

Faux fern (mantle left) – Country baskets  & Faux fig (2nd right, bottom) – Tk Maxx

Here’s why I love them so much:

They are perfect for that dark nook in your house where real plants don’t stand a chance or that top shelf that constantly gets forgotten about. 

Faux flowers, snow balls, gelda, living room decor, living room design

Snow balls – Country Baskets

They are very low maintenance, all they need is a dust every few weeks (nothing worse than when you see faux flowers that have been there for years, they’re faded and covered in dust!) 

bedroom styling, bedroom, faux flowers, faux hydrangeas, styling, mirror

Faux hydrangeas – Country baskets

They are perfect for rotating with the seasons. Berries & eucalyptus at Christmas can be stored away to make way for pretty hydrangeas, roses and peonies in spring/summer. 

faux eucalyptus, christmas faux , artificial flowers, dining room, styling,

Faux eucalyptus Country baskets

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to buy real flowers and always have a vase of fresh blooms in my kitchen & dining room.

Fresh blooms, fresh flowers, spring flowers, dining room, dining room styling, dining room table, off black farrow and ball, selfie

I absolutely love having plants and flowers around my house, makes it come alive. They look great grouped together and if you’re clever and mix real with faux no one will ever know! Cacti, succulents, figs, ferns, eucalyptus, peonies, hydrangeas, cherry blossom, agave are all the different faux’s that I have around my house.

Living room, gallery wall, faux cactus, dark interiors, stiffly blue, farrow and ball, vignette Fire place, living room, mantel styling, fireplace styling, faux cherry blossom, artificial flowers

                    Faux Cactus – Abigail Ahern                                          Faux cherry blossom & Hydrangeas – Country Baskets

As you can see in my images above, Country Baskets is one of my favourites for picking up good quality faux flowers at great prices. Below are just some of the artificial plants which are currently at the top of my never ending wish list!! They are not cheap but when you think how long they will last and how much you will save on real plants that you’ve killed by over watering you’re getting a bargain really!!

Faux plants, abigail ahern, Rockett st George, ferns, cactus, bulrush

1.Potted tall Aloe vera – £29 – Rockett St George 2. String of pearls – £65 – Abigail Ahern 3. Ball Cactus – £58 – Hilary & Flo 4. Potted Phoenix Palm – £145 – Rockett St George

5. Chihuahua cactus – £60 – Hilary & Flo  6. Staghorn fern – £80 – Abigail Ahern 7. Sinai Cactus – £55 – Abigail Ahern 8. Bullrush Plant – £75 – Hilary & Flo 

So what do you think to fake flowers and plants? Fabulous or faux pas?? You know my thoughts and the fact that my style guru Abigail Ahern has recently teamed up with heal’s to bring London’s first entirely “faux florist”   to the heart of the West End, means I’m pretty sure I’m in good company!!

Abigail ahern faux florist, heals, London, flowers, faux plants

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