Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

I was so excited when I was asked to take part in Revamp Restyle Reveal and want to say thank you to our hosts, Lisa, Bianca and Oliver who have done all the organising. If you’re not sure what the heck I’m talking about then let me explain…. Myself along with 9 other fabulous interior bloggers were given a challenge to update one room in our homes over the course of 4 weeks, with the help of 5 fabulous sponsors. We’ve had an amazing response across all our social media channels and it’s been fantastic to see everyone joining in with the #revamprestylereveal hashtag. There’s been almost 1000 public posts showing amazing before and after shots, how fab is that?!

A quick hello if you’re joining me from the wonderful Oliver Thomas Interiors. I’m Kerry, Im an interior stylist and interior and lifestyle blogger, I live with my Husband, Justin, my two children, Alfie and Jersey and Chester the dog! I started my blog around 18 months ago to share my passion for all things interiors. I’m a strong believer in making your house feel like home even if you are renting, there’s still so much you can do to achieve your dream interiors.

So over the past four weeks I have been doing lots of revamping and restyling to my Daughter’s bedroom and I’m so happy that the reveal day is finally here! When I was asked to take part in RRR I decided that my Daughters bedroom room was a perfect project as it was in desperate need of some TLC, the walls were looking grubby, the woodwork hadn”t been painted for a long time and was starting to look very yellow, her chest of drawers fell to pieces every time she opened them….I could go on! Also she’s just turned 9 so she wanted to get rid of her cabin bed and get a normal one and declutter as she’s outgrown a lot of the toys now. Although I’m a big lover of dark paint, I just didn’t feel that it working in here so the black had to go! Here’s how it looked four weeks ago….

Revamp restyle reveal, girls room

I put together a mood board and would definitely reccommed doing this when you start any room revamp, sometimes things work in your head but when you actually see them together they don’t look right. So a moodboard is a perfect way of testing how things are going to look when all together.

Revamp restyle reveal, moodpboard

I wanted to keep the palette very neutral, my daughter loves grey and dusky pink so we decided these were going to be the main 2 colours. Our paint sponsor is Earthborn paint which I have never used before but I’m so glad that I have been introduced to them because their claypaint is just beautiful. It has an ultra Matt finish, it is hard wearing and breathable. It also has such a lovely, creamy texture so it goes on like a dream and has no oils or acrylics therefore no nasty smell. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from but I decided on bugle from the classic range and I absolutely love it, it’s the perfect muted grey. 

I wanted the fireplace to pop against the pale grey walls so I decided to paint it using Frenchic chalk paint in a lovely off black called panther and then seal it with the Frenchic finishing coat. The great thing about Frenchic paint is that it is an all natural, chalk and mineral paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water. They don’t add VOC’s, toxins, solvents or any other hidden nasties. It has also gone through rigorous testing to be certified child safe and it has virtually no smell – which is important when painting indoors! It is rich and creamy giving it a super coverage.

Revamp restyle reveal, earthborn paint

Revamp restyle reveal, frenetic paint

Revamp restyle reveal

Maisons Du Monde is one of my favourite online stores for furniture and decorative items. I have always loved an eclectic mix of new and old so I knew as soon as I saw this vintage style, metal bed from there that it would be the perfect choice for this room. After having her cabin style bed for the past 5 years, my Daughter absolutely loves having a lower style bed and best of all she loves her night time cuddles and morning wake up calls from Chester, our dog as he can now jump up for cuddles and lots of sloppy kisses. This beautiful long pile rug is also from Maisons Du Monde, it really is so soft and fluffy, feels like you’re walking on a cloud, your feet just sink into it. So perfect for the amount of time my Daughter spends sitting on the floor playing with her toys.

So after my Husband’s several failed attempts to fix the chest of drawers in here it is so lovely having new ones that open freely without dropping off the rails each time. I love the feminine but rustic look of the Camille chest of drawers. Isn’t she a beauty?!

Revamp restyle reveal, Maisons du Monde, Nicholas bed

Revamp Restyle Reveal, Maisons du Monde

The excitement levels rose when Mr Mouse moved in! My daughter has a soft spot for anything furry with 4 legs so I knew she would fall in love with this Seletti mouse lamp from Amara, there was a very loud, happy squeal when she saw him! This Joules chunky knit throw, also from Amara is the perfect finishing touch to her room adding all important texture and warmth for those cooler evenings.

Storage is key in any room but especially in a 9 year old, teddy bear hoarding, girls room! I chose these large seagrass baskets in grey and white which are the perfect size. If you’re not familiar with online store Amara then be warned, you will get lost in a land of luxury home fashion and may never return!

Revamp restyle reveal, Mouse light, Amara living

Revamp restyle reveal, Amara living, Joules throw

Revamp restyle reveal

If you’re in need of any electrical items then make it easy for you, they have everything you could possibly need and more! They have won several awards for their excellent customer service and were so helpful when it came to chosing the right laptop for my Daughter. They understand how confusing tech can be, so have created the very best help and advice section with the aim of helping people find their perfect computer. It’s all about offering customers a new way to learn about and buy the latest technology, without any of the complicated jargon! We chose this HP laptop in gold which is perfect for my Daughter, she often gets maths homework set online and she loves watching videos on YouTube…. like most kids these days! This can obviously be very worrying so I’ve made sure all the parental controls are set, also there are some great articles over on the A.O life website with tips to help keep your children safe. Click here to read.

Revamp restyle reveal,, HP laptop

Revamp restyle reveal,, HP laptop

It’s been a very busy but fun 4 weeks and my Daughter absolutely adores her new bedroom. She pinky promises to keep it tidy! Seriously though… I give it 3 days before piles of clothes are cluttering the floor, not to mention the Sylvanian families… I’m sure they breed when I’m not looking!!

Revamp restyle reveal, Maison du monde, metal bed

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal

Revamp restyle reveal, girls bedroom

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our amazing sponsors listed below. All brands that I adore and have really enjoyed working with on this project. I am proud to share and recommend each one of them to you guys!


I really hope you’ve enjoyed my Revamp Restyle Reveal project along with all the other inspiring bloggers that have taken part. Next up is the fabulous Melanie Lissack with her gorgeous Master Bedroom Revamp, she really has transformed her bedroom so make sure you hop on over and have a read. You can then continue on from there to take a look at all the other amazingly talented bloggers in this Revamp Restyle Reveal #bloghop. I’ve also added the list of must-read posts below for you to catch up on. I would love to know what you think to my girls bedroom revamp in the comments below. Also don’t forget to subscribe by entering your details in the box below to make sure you don’t miss out on any future posts.

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