Revamp Restyle Reveal - Teenage boys room makeover

I was delighted to be asked back again for a second time to take part in Revamp Restyle Reveal. If you’ve followed me via my blog or Instagram for a while now you will remember that last year I revamped my daughter, Jersey’s bedroom for season 1 of RRR. So this year I decided to tackle my Son’s room, for  a couple of different reasons. The first one being that he is turning into a teenager in September and he’s ready for a bigger bed and a more grown up style room. Also I did promise him after doing Jersey’s room last year that it would be his turn next!

This post is part of the final reveal blog hop so hello to everyone that is joining me from Melanie Lissack’s fabulous blog, how gorgeous is her living room looking?! I’ve been writing my interiors blog for just over 2 years now to share my passion for all things interiors, please take a look around whilst you’re here! If you’re not aware what Revamp Restyle Reveal is or you need a little refresher then let me explain. There are 10 interiors bloggers, including myself who each have to revamp one room in our homes within 4 four weeks, with the help of our wonderful sponsors,, Maison Du Monde, Sainsbury’s Home, Earthborn paints, Style Library, Cotswold Co, Christy, & David Hunt lighting. It’s been  super fun and inspiring seeing how much people have achieved in their revamps over a four week period but it’s also been exhausting whilst juggling all the usual things in our busy lives. It’s such a great way for everyone to get involved and post their projects, I’ve really loved seeing all the transformations on the #RevampRestyleReveal hashtag over on Instagram.

So let me remind you how it looked when we first moved in almost 4 years ago and then how it looked 4 weeks ago before we started RRR.

Revamp restyle reveal teenage boys bedroomBefore we painted the ceiling dark.

Revamp restyle reveal teenage boys bedroomHow the room looked just before RRR.

Whenever I embark on a new interiors project, I always put together a moodboard as it really gives you a much better idea of how the finished room will look. This is the moodboard  for Alfie’s teenage boys bedroom. I really wanted to create a space that will grow with him throughout his teens.

Revamp restyle reveal teenage boys bedroom, moodpboard


One thing that I have learned throughout this project is that teenage boys are the fussiest kind of clients! Alfie has very different ideas to me. I loved the dark grey walls but Alfie didn’t and wanted to go lighter. I’ve also realised that he hates the colour green, I was desperate to use dark, emerald green in the new colour scheme and our paint sponsor, Earthborn paints have the perfect green called Hobby wood, but every time I mentioned it he wouldn’t budge! So we ended up going for a pale grey Earthborn clay paint, called kissing gate on the walls with dark grey woodwork in the colour Hidey hole, also by Earthborn. This is the 2nd time I have used their paint now, it has an ultra Matt finish, it is hard wearing and breathable. It also has such a lovely, creamy texture and has no oils or acrylics therefore no nasty smell.

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, earthborn paintBasket and cushion from Sainsbury’s Home.

One area of the room that I couldn’t wait to paint was the red beam. This is such a prominent feature in the room and the red was far too loud, I decided to go for a more industrial look and painted it in a metallic silver paint which looks so much better and instantly changed the feel of the room.


So once we had decided on paint colours we went on to choose furniture from one of our other fabulous sponsors, Maison Du Monde. Alfie fell in love with the Fergus double bed straight away, it was the super chunky cushioned headboard that sold it to him and who can blame him! It was also a bonus that it was grey! But having said that I think even green wouldn’t have put him off it, he loved it that much! We wanted to create a gaming/TV area for when his friends came over so the Max sofa bed was perfect. Both items were delivered by two lovely French guys and were really easy to assemble. Once again I was really impressed with the quality of both items and the level of customer service.

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, maison du monde

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, double bed, maison du monde

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom

We’ve had this old school desk for around 5 years, I picked it up at a second hand store. It is the perfect size to tuck away in the corner of Alfie’s room and gives him an area to sit and do his homework.

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, old vintage school desk

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom

TV/Gaming area.

A gaming area wouldn’t be complete without a TV right? We found the perfect one at who are our headline sponsor. This Philips 55 inch 4K OLED TV fits perfectly in this space, it is lovely and slim has an ambilight feature at the back which changes colour to follow the visual or sound of the programme or game that you’re playing, depending on which setting you go for. It can also be set to a certain colour if you want it to tie in with your colour scheme! Funnily enough the TV is more important than the colour scheme as far as Alfie is concerned! It comes with Netflix, youtube and many more built in apps. I have a strange feeling that Alfie will be spending a lot more time in his bedroom, especially as he hits the teenage years in September!

Revamp restyle reveal, philips 55 inch tv. oled, ambilight

Revamp Restyle reveal, Teenage boys bedroom

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, philips tv, old, 55 inch, ambilight

Revamp Restyle Reveal, teenage boys bedroom, phillips tv 55 inch 4kThe Ambilight feature.

I had a scaffold board left over from when I put shelves up in my living room so I decided to turn it into a TV bench. I ordered these 4 hairpin legs from eBay and just simply screwed them onto the bottom. The TV fits perfect. I love the rawness of the wood and how it creates contrast between the grey walls and the TV.


I always find accessories the most fun part. Alfie wanted a full length mirror and a floor lamp so we ordered those along with this magazine rack from our sponsor Cotswold Co. The magazine rack is perfect for storing his TV remote and gaming controllers, hopefully I won’t find myself tripping over them anymore! The lamp is huge, I love the copper and wood combo!

Revamp Restyle reveal, Teenage boys bedroom, Cotswold co floor lampThe bedside tables are just apple crates with castors from eBay screwed onto the bottom!

Revamp Restyle Reveal, Teenage boys bedroom, Cotswold Co

Revamp Restyle Reveal, Teenage boys bedroom

Christy very kindly provided bedding for Alfie’s bed and also a lovely double duvet. The quality of the bedding is amazing, I’m usually a plain kind of girl when it comes to bedding but I loved this stripy duvet set so much. I went for the Oslo throw and Jaipur cushions both in denim which I think work really well with the grey bedding and bed. Especially with the pop of yellow form the bedside lamps. These were from David Hunt lighting who have the most beautiful collection. You can choose from lots of different colours for the shades to be made in and they’re all produced in the UK.

Revamp restyle reveal, teenage boys bedroom

Revamp Restyle Reveal - Teenage Boys Bedroom.

The lovely people at spotted that Alfie had a plug in radiator in his bedroom and very kindly sent me one of their brand new super cool ones, which even has a timer! This will come in very handy during the winter as it does get cold in the loft room. It also means that Alfie won’t leave it switched on all day like he used to then come home and open a window!!!

Revamp Restyle reveal teenage boys bedroom, radiator

Our final sponsor is Sainsbury’s Home. I picked up a few accessories from them to add the final touches to the room, including these gorgeous cushions and plant, a basket, a metal noticeboard (seen on his desk above) and a faux succulent.

Revamp Restyle Reveal - Teenage Boys Bedroom.

Revamp restyle reveal, teenage boys bedroomDressing area.

So that’s the end of a crazy, busy four weeks! Both myself and Alfie are so happy with how the room has turned out and I think most importantly the style of the room and our chosen furniture will last him throughout his teenage years.

Here is a short video to show you around the room.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our amazing sponsors listed below. I have enjoyed working with them all on this project and I am proud to share and recommend each one of them to you guys!

Revamp restyle reveal sponsor logo

 Maison Du Monde

David Hunt lighting


Cotswold Co

Earthborn paints

Style Library

Sainsbury’s Home

Thank you so much for following my progress over the past 4 weeks, I really hope it’s inspired you to pull out the paintbrushes and get to work on one of your rooms that you’ve been putting off doing. Next up is the fabulous Emma Jane Palin with her gorgeous bedroom makeover, she really has transformed her bedroom so make sure you hop on over and have a read. You can then continue on from there to take a look at all the other amazingly talented bloggers in this Revamp Restyle Reveal #bloghop. I’ve also added the list of links to everyones  blog posts below for you to catch up on. I would love to know what you think to my teenage boys bedroom revamp in the comments below. Also don’t forget to subscribe by entering your details in the box below to make sure you don’t miss out on any future posts.

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