Most houses have a “box” room. This usually ends up being an office then turns into a nursery which both work fine in tight spaces but as children grow they need more space for a bigger bed and more toys!

Finding the right design for a small bedroom can be a challenge as I know only too well as my own daughter has grown. As she got bigger she gained more toys, more books and half of Build a Bear workshop!! Her room seemed to shrink. So I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to be clever with furniture and storage. 

Bed – Swapping her single bed for a loft bed made a huge difference as it opened up so much more floor space underneath for toys and has become her little den. I bought the Kura loft bed from ikea which is very affordable at £130 and I painted the wood grey which totally transformed it.

Ikea Kura Bed, Ikea hack Girls bedroom, Ikea Hack
Loft bed, den, girls room Dolls house, girls room

Here are more examples of how loft beds can make a difference.

Loft bed, Girls bedroom Loft bed
Loft bed, space saving bedroom Loft bed, space saving bedroom

Images sourced from Pinterest.

Storage – For me storage is key and you can never have too much to stop the room looking messy and cluttered. I decided to go for the Kallax cube storage series from IKEA. it is so flexible and versatile and I like how you can have open shelving or you can get various types of inserts from baskets to boxes with drawers, doors etc… They are perfect for scooping up toys from the floor and hiding away the mess, they are also big enough for things like dolls, games, books and jigsaws.  

Kids room storage

My Daughter’s Bedroom.

Kids bedroom storage

Images sourced from Pinterest.

Apple crates – I love using apple crates for storage, they are cheap as chips, look great in any room and can house just about anything and everything! They can also be upcycled in many different ways:

Apple crate storage

My Son’s Bedroom.


Image from Pinterest.

Apple crate storage, kids room

Image from Pinterest.

Kids room storage, apple crates

Image from Pinterest.


Image sourced from Pinterest.

Kids room storage, Apple crates

Image sourced from Pinterest.

Picture ledges – These are perfect to display books, action figures or things like your little one’s miniature car collection…. and hardly take up any space. Ikea do them in black or white and they come in 2 different sizes.

Girls bedroom

My Daughter’s Bedroom.

Picture ledge, kids bedroom storage

Images sourced from Pinterest.

Picture ledge, car storage

Image sourced from Pinterest.


Soft toy storage – As I mentioned before, my daughter adores anything soft and furry and refuses to part with them so this corner hammock has been a life saver, I really could do with one in each corner for her vastly growing collection! 

Toy hammock, kids room storage

Love these ideas too:

Kids room back of door storage small kids room space saving

Images sourced from pintetest.

So there’s a few of my top tips for small kids rooms. Shop a few of my favourites around at the minute.

Kids storage ideas

1. Toy cupboard 2. Kura loft bed 3. Braided storage basket

4.Personalised crate 5.Stripey storage bag 6.Paper storage bag.

Even the smallest of children’s rooms can still be stylish. Also don’t feel that you have to use pale colours in small spaces or just because it’s a kids room. Try a darker palette and brighten it with pops of colour, bright letters and toys. Trust me, it will look amazing!

Would love to hear your thoughts so please do leave me a comment below.

K x



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