The Simba Hybrid mattress review

I have been doing a mini makeover on our bedroom which I will share with you very soon but one thing that we really wanted to do is replace our mattress as it is so old! Apparently you’re supposed to replace your mattress every 8 years, ours was way older than that and definitely past it’s sell by date so time to invest in a new one. I don’t know about you but the thought of getting a new mattress was actually quite scary, I’ve got very attached to it over the years! What if a new one wasn’t as comfy and we didn’t sleep as well. Ahhh sleep glorious sleep! Both myself and my husband love our sleep, my husband works in radio so his alarm wakes him at 4.30am every weekday morning, so every minute of sleep to him is even more precious. The timing couldn’t have been better when Simba got in contact to ask if I wanted to try one of their Hybrid mattresses. I did some research and read lots of reviews before I committed just to make sure it would be the right one for us. One of the things that has actually stopped us from getting a new mattress earlier is not knowing which type to go for, there are so many different types around now and mixed opinions over whether a sprung one or a memory foam one is best. The beauty of the Simba Hybrid mattress means you haven’t got to worry about that as it has a combination of both. So it Combines the support of 2,500 pocket springs with the comfort of memory foam which is scientifically engineered to give you the perfect night’s sleep. So with that in mind I ordered a kingsized mattress plus I couldn’t resist adding one of their Hybrid duvets and a couple of Hybrid pillows to my basket. The delivery is free and if you inform them when you order they’ll even take away your old mattress and recycle it free of charge.

The mattress arrived perfectly packaged inside this box which makes it so much easier to get upstairs than struggling with a full sized mattress. It is heavy which we expected with a king sized mattress inside so my husband carried it upstairs. It even comes with a teeny cutting tool to cut open the plastic airtight wrap. Once you’ve removed the wapping it immediately starts to uncoil but they advise to allow roughly 2 to 5 hours for it to settle before using it.

The best nights sleep with Simba

Sleep better with Simba Hybrid mattress

The best nights sleep with Simba

What you don’t see by looking at it are the 5 layers that make up the construction of the Hybrid mattress. Here they are:

1.Sleep Surface – Hypoallergenic, provides breathability, freshness and temperature control.
2. Simbatex –  Super comfort layer that draws heat downwards.
3. Colonial springs – 2,500 unique conical pocket springs that individually adjust as you sleep.
4. Visco memory foam – Moulds expertly to your body shape.
 5. Base layer – The perfectly engineered support base has 7 different zones to ensure a perfect night’s sleep for all.

Simba mattress Hybrid review

So I’ve had the Simba Hybrid mattress for just over a month now, I wanted to get a really good feel for it before I reviewed it. I can honestly say that it is the comfiest mattress that I have ever slept on! The first night I was expecting to have a broken nights sleep until we got used to it but from the very first night of sleeping on it myself and my husband have slept so well. I would say it is medium to firm support, the combination of memory foam and springs means that when you sit or lie on it you sink into the mattress but not to the extent where you can’t move or struggle to roll over. I’m able to move and turn position with no problem at all, it has a great mix of sinkage, contour, and support. I also love the fact that I can’t feel my husband moving around or feel him getting up at 4.30 in the morning as it’s designed to adapt to two different individual sleeping positions independently. Although he has struggled to get out of bed even more as it is so cosy that he doesn’t want to budge!

We’ve been testing it out during one of the hottest British summers that we’ve had for a long time but found the temperature control great, neither of us felt that the mattress got hot and sweaty, the sleep surface is breathable and remained cool, unlike our old mattress.

I am the kind of person that needs at least 8 (10 if poss!!!) hours sleep per night and can’t function without it, I feel grumpy and sluggish all day if I don’t get enough sleep. So I can honestly say that I would fully recommend the Simba Hybrid mattress, the quality is excellent and I have never slept so well. If like me you’re feeling a little nervous about parting with your old faithful mattress then don’t be. Simba appreciate that it’s a big investment and so they offer a 100 day trial. If you’re not totally in love with it then you can get a full refund and they’ll donate your mattress to a local charity or recycling centre whenever possible. They also offer free delivery and a ten year guarantee so no risks involved!

When we replaced our old worn out mattress, I also felt that it was time to get a new duvet and pillows, so I ordered the Hybrid duvet and two Hybrid pillows. They have been lifesavers during this hot weather as they have outlast® which is a ‘phase change’ material, which means it actively responds to the temperature outside. When you’re too warm it absorbs heat to cool you down. If you get cold it releases heat to warm you up. I’ve been using them during the recent hot weather and was amazed at how well it worked. I didn’t wake up during the night hot and bothered once. The duvet is a 10.5 tog with 90% down and 10% feather making it feel extremely lightweight but perfect for all seasons.

The Hybrid pillows have been a massive life changer for me because I can’t tell you how fussy I am over my pillows! I would literally take them everywhere with me if I could fit them  in the suitcase! However the Simba Hybrid pillows can be tailored to you, whether you like them firm, medium or soft. They are filled with memory foam tubes called nanotubes and you simply add or remove to get the height and firmness that you prefer. So I’ve taken a few out and have the perfect pillow.

The best nights sleep with Simba

The best nights sleep with Simba

The best nights sleep with Simba

The best nights sleep with Simba

Simba Hybrid mattress review


If, like us, you’ve been putting off getting a new mattress then what are you waiting for? I can wholeheartedly recommend the Simba Hybrid mattress. Click here to shop and find out more.

The only warning I would give is that you may never want to leave your bed again!  Funnily enough, I’m typing this blog post from there right now, anyone fancy fetching me a cuppa?!


This post is in collaboration with Simba, who provided the mattress for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of a sale if you click the links and purchase a product. This does not change the price that you pay.


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