Kerry Lockwood gallery wall, King & McGaw

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Giving art as a gift shows thought and effort as you can really make it personal to the person that you’re buying for. King & McGaw are an online art retailer who have a fabulous collection of affordable artworks and framed prints which would also make the perfect gifts. From Pop art to abstract, there is so much amazing choice. I also love how King & McGaw frame every print, they’re always one of the first places that I head to when on the hunt for artwork and prints. Oh and did I mention that I have a 15% discount code for you to use there too. Full details below.

Art is a great way to inject some personality into a space and doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it is also something that will be around forever and can be moved from room to room if you fancy a change. I thought I would give you some of my tips when it comes to buying art as a gift for someone and also choose some of my favourite pieces from the King & McGaw collection which would make the perfect gifts.

Tips for giving art as a gift.

  1. Think about the style of their home, what kind of colour scheme do they have? Do they like contemporary of traditional interiors?
  2. What hobbies do they have? Do they like photography, Sport, Films, Travel, Music, Animals, Fashion?
  3. Do a little bit of digging around. Do they have a special City close to their hearts? Maybe somewhere they went on honeymoon or a special girls weekend away? Maybe somewhere that you’ve been together?
  4. Do they have a favourite artist or genre? Take a closer look next time you’re in their house and see if they have any favourites.
  5. Lastly, what kind of budget do you have in mind? Set a realistic price that you’re happy to spend and you can put a filter on when browsing online, therefore you’re not going to fall for something that’s totally out of your budget.


Gallery wall, King & McGaw

Prints featured in my gallery wall above:

Lolita by Cinema Greats

Bianca Jagger, Vogue 1974

Paris in Pastel by Kerri Bevan

Out of the dark by Michelle Collins


My Top 5 gifts from King & McGaw.

1.Le Coq 1918 by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso art, King & McGaw

One of my best friends lives in a beautiful farmhouse with a huge garden and a dozen or so chickens happily roaming.They are the most loved, best fed chickens that I ever did see and they lay the most delicious eggs with the yellowest of yolks! Her house is very contemporary inside so this print would be perfect for her. Priced at £90 I think this is a great price for a Picasso piece. I often see traditional paintings and prints of chickens but it’s not often you see something as modern as this, so it will fit perfectly in her home.

2. Monaco Grand Prix 1985.

Monaco Grand Prix 1985 print

My Dad is always such a hard person to buy for, what do you buy the man that has everything?! So I feel that art is a perfect gift for him, living alone he doesn’t often buy  accessories for his home, therefore a print isn’t something that he would buy for himself. As soon as I saw this print I knew that he would love it as he’s always been a huge Gran Prix fan and has been lucky enough to travel to some great destinations to watch, including Monaco. This print is a little more expensive at £380 but perfect for my sister and I to buy as a joint gift.


3. Destination- San Francisco by Nick Cranston.

Destination- San Francisco by Nick Cranston print

This would make the perfect gift for my husband. The first time we went away together was to San Francisco, so it will always be a special place to us. These destination prints are availble with lots of different cities so they make the perfect sentimental gift or souvenir and you really can’t go wrong with a typography print. They start at £70 for a small framed print which I think is great value.

4. Vogue early March 1960 by Claude Virgin.

Vogue early March 1960 by Claude Virgin.

King & McGaw have a great selection of Vogue art and cover prints which are perfect for any fashionistas. I would choose this print for my sister because she’s collected Vogue for years and she has recently painted her living room with a deep green feature wall, so this will fit in perfectly. Prices start from £80 for a small framed print.

5. Together art print by penguin books.

Together art print by penguin books.

My last gift choice would be this Penguin book print for my 11 year old daughter, Jersey. She is a little book worm and pink is her favourite colour, so this print would look gorgeous in her bedroom. I also love that Together is based on the travel and adventure series from Penguin books. The price for this starts at £70 for a small framed print.


1. Le Coq 1918 by Pablo Picasso

2. Monaco Grand Prix 1985.

3. Destination- San Francisco by Nick Cranston.

4. Vogue early March 1960 by Claude Virgin.

5. Together art print by penguin books.


So they are my top 5 art gifts that I would buy for friends and family. I know that personally I would be thrilled to recieve a framed print for Christmas, how about you? Take a look through the gifts section on the King & McGaw website there are so many amazing gift ideas to choose from. King & McGaw have also given me a discount code to share with you, so just use code KERRY15 at checkout to receive 15% off. It can be used on any order, excluding Rare & limited art. This code is valid from Friday 6th – Tuesday 24th December.



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