oversized coffee table

Growing up we had two reception rooms, one of which had the “posh” sofa in and could only be used for “best” now I’m sure that must be a Peter Kay moment because what on earth is that all about?! What’s the point in having a room just for “best” to be used once in a blue moon at Christmas or maybe if you’re lucky on a Saturday night to watch X Factor!! I also remember there was a nest of tables in there that used to make an appearance when we had visitors only as that was the only time food or drink was allowed in there!! I remember it feeling really cold and the sofa was really hard… obviously because it never got used. I think that’s one of the reasons why I bought the biggest coffee table I could find!

I don’t believe in having rooms in the house or furniture that can only be used for “best”. Home is where memories are made so it seems pointless and a total waste of space and money if it’s hardly going to get used, a house should feel comfortable and lived in. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have a full three course dinner in the living room but the kids can have drinks and snacks and we love a carpet picnic, or should I say a coffee table picnic. Often on a weekend we clear everything off the oversized coffee table and fill it with antipasti, cheeses, crusty baguettes, olive oil and balsamic, olives, humous and of course wine! The kids love it. That is reason number one why I think bigger is better when it comes to coffee tables.

Reason number 2 is styling! I love styling up coffee tables – couple of books, bunch of followers, candles.. nailed it!! You can’t do that on a small table can you?!

oversized coffee tables

Reason number 3 – they look good! They anchor a room, A large coffee table in the middle of a seating area is great for both aesthetics and function.

oversized coffee tables

Number 4- kids! They can use it for homework, colouring, craft projects etc etc… a large coffee table is also more robust so won’t get knocked around or tip over. Maybe think about going for a round or oval one if you do have kids to avoid any accidents on sharp corners. If you’re still not buying into the oversized coffee table idea then you could even consider an ottoman as a great alternative which will also come in handy if you need some extra seating when guests come over, or like to have a place to rest your feet comfortably. Just use a large stylish tray on top to give you a more sturdy support for your wine… I mean coffee!!! If your space is small, then don’t be tricked into thinking that the coffee table needs to be tiny. As long as you allow some space for movement and allow at least a 45cm gap you’ll be fine.

oversized coffee tables

oversized coffee tablesImage – Kerry Lockwood In detail.

Oversized coffee tableImage – Interiorjunkie.com

oversized coffee tablesImage – Johnminshawdesigns.com

Oversized coffee tables & ottomans

Oversized coffee tables & ottomans
How fabulous is this ottoman at my friends house?! We often have girly nights at hers where we all huddle around the log burner with lots of vino, nibbles and gossip! Do you think she’ll notice if I slip this gorgeous ottoman in the boot of my car next time!!! For a similar style see below.

oversized coffee tablesImage – Elle Decor.

So here is my roundup of oversized coffee tables & ottomans.

Oversized coffee tables|1| Marbled Top Coffee table – West Elm |2| GALLIENI Wood and metal industrial coffee table on castors – Maisons du Monde |3| Adriel Coffee Table, Mango Parquet & Black |4 |Industrial timber round coffee table – French connection |5| Branagh large ottoman – Made.com |6| Terrace coffee table – West Elm |7|  KETTLER Cora Coffee Table – John Lewis |8| one inlay ‘Zig Zag’ coffee table – Debenhams |9| Carved wood coffee table – West Elm. |10| Plymouth Ottoman – Swoon Editions

What are your thoughts on coffee tables? Are you with me on the oversized options? If you need any further help styling your home then I would love to help, just drop me an email and we can discuss the best options for you. Also don’t forget to subscribe by entering your details below.



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