7 elements to bring a modern rustic style to your home

The modern rustic look is all about bringing the outside in, I guess it’s the natural equivalent to the industrial look. Instead of exposed breeze blocks, concrete and metal, we have exposed beams, stonework and wooden features. It’s a pared-back look where natural woods mix with textured leathers, heavy linens, chalky handmade ceramics and rusty metals, pairing old with new and rough with smooth. But what happens if you don’t live in a house that has exposed brick and raw wood? Don’t worry, the modern rustic look can be achieved on a modest scale and budget. Even if you are renting, you can still recreate the look in your own home by introducing these seven essential elements.

1. Natural colour scheme.

You will notice that in a modern rustic home, the colors are subdued. A natural, earthy palette with touches of black, white and ochre is a good base to work with. This is where I need 2 houses! One for the natural modern, rustic look and another one for the days when I’m feeling dark and moody and want my inky hues. I’m actually feeling the need for a change and having a living room revamp in the next few months so watch this space!

Modern rustic interiors how toImage – Pinterest

2. weathered/reclaimed wood & stone.

This is perhaps the most important feature of modern rustic home. Embrace the elements by bringing the outside in.  If you can’t start stripping back timber floors then think aged wardrobes, scaffold board shelves, rustic stools, raw chopping boards and chunky wicker baskets.

Modern rustic interiors how toImage – Pinterest

3. handmade ceramics.

Along with oversized vases, vessels, unearthed jars and bottles. Chunky rustic wooden bowls and candle sticks.

Modern rustic interiors how toImage – Pinterest

4. Natural fabrics.

Texture is key, think plain linen pillows, jute, sisal, and hides for natural appeal. Soft furnishings in a muted colour with plushy sofas, cable knit throws and woven rugs.

Modern rustic interiors how toImage – Hans Blomquist.

5. Mismatch furniture.

Mix new and old and allow rough wooden, vintage furniture to contrast with sleek modern furniture.

Modern rustic interiors how toImage – Pinterest

6. Something old.

Head to the flea market to find some treasures to turn into your very own rustic farmhouse decor. This will also make your home unique to you.

Modern rusticImage – Sibella Court.

7. Natural objects and plants.

Don’t forget the finishing touches. Nature has amazing treasures and inspiring finds and this is the perfect time of year for finding them.  Twigs, branches, tall dry grasses, dried seed heads are all great to add textural interest to any modern, rustic home and best of of they’re free….. Happy foraging!

how to create modern rustic interiorsImage – Kerry Lockwood

Shop the look.

Here are just a few items to help you recreate the look in your home.

modern rustic elements

1. Jute cushions. 2. Ceramics. 3. Metal Crates. 4. Hovis tin 5. Rustic wooden stool. 6. Linen cushion. 7. Vintage crate. 8. Forage basket.  9. Scaffold board shelves. 10. Vintage basket. 11. Linen tablecloth. 12. Stone effect vase. 13. Large ceramic planter. 14. Linen cushion. 15. Bothy tray.

Do you like the modern rustic look? Will you be adding any of the above to your wish list? If you want to see more of this style then I have a whole Pinterest board full of great inspiration and if you need any help styling your house then I would love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.

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