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I’ve been using Instagram for over three years now and it’s not very often that a photo really stops me in my tracks when I’m scrolling. But last January this Maker & Son photo did just that and I immediately shared it to my stories because I loved the design, the natural linen, the styling, just everything and remember thinking at the time how comfy it looked, like sitting on a cloud!

Come and meet our new loveseat from Maker&SonThis is a screenshot of the story that I shared.

Maker & Son replied to say thank you and also mentioned that they had just launched their website the day before if I fancied taking a look.

Just over a year later, Alex who runs the business with his Son, Felix got back in contact to say that since we last spoke they now manufacture in the Cotswolds, Melbourne, and Los Angeles which is very exciting. I knew they were going to be a huge success! He was really thankful of the support that I had given them and he asked if I’d consider working with them.

Come and meet our new loveseat from Maker&Son

Obviously, I was absolutely delighted as I love their sofas. It also came at the perfect time for me as I’ve been looking for either a comfy chair or sofa to go in the rear half of my living room. Our living room is open plan and the front half is where we watch TV. We rarely use the rear half so I really wanted to turn it into a brighter space which we could use as a cosy area for reading and relaxing or where I could escape if the children are watching TV or if my husband had the football on (most nights!!)

I looked through the different options of sofas, fabrics, and colours that Maker & Son have to offer and chose a love seat in a very natural coloured linen/cotton called sesame.  It was important to go for something that would brighten the space as there isn’t much natural daylight in that area. I’ve teamed it with a cream rug and kept the palette neutral, but maybe in winter, I will add some deeper, rusty tones. That’s the great thing about a neutral sofa, you can accessorise with different colours for different seasons and it will give it a whole new look.

Maker & Son love seatNo dogs allowed on the sofa!

All Maker & Son’s furniture is handmade to order from 100% natural materials (read more in the Q&A below) So I was delighted when I got the phone call just a few weeks later to say that the love seat was ready to be delivered. The delivery company gave me a one hour time slot and said they would call when they were nearby. They asked which room we would like it in and then removed all the packaging and took that away with them.

I’m so happy with how it looks, I adore the crumpled look of linen and love the texture that it adds to the room,  the size is perfect to either snuggle up in alone or still very roomy even with two people sat together. The cushions are super squishy, it’s like getting a big hug every time you sink into it.  It was really important to make it a space that we would really use as a family and as you can see from the images below, it has certainly been a hot seat and has fitted into the Lockwood family perfectly!

Maker & Son loveseat

Maker & Son loveseat

Love seat Maker & Son

Maker & Son Love seat, linen sofa, sesame

Meet the Maker.

I was super excited to chat with Alex to find out more about the amazing year that they’ve had since launching Maker & Son and also get then low down on how it all began and the process that goes into making the sofas.


Hi Alex, would you give us a brief intro to yourself?

I’m the Maker of Maker&Son and together with my son Felix, run our business in the UK, Australia and the US. I trained originally as a cabinet maker and furniture designer way back in the 80s (and had the clothes and hair to match). I’ve been involved in retailing and design for most of my life. In my past, I opened and ran 27 homeware stores in Australia. I came back to the UK as the Creative and Buying Director for the Conran Shops and then went on to run my own branding agency and then a digital marketing agency. Maker&Son combines all the things I have learned through my different careers and I absolutely love it!

When did you first come up with the idea that you wanted to design and manufacture your own sofas?

The first idea of Maker&Son was one of those ‘my perfect job and life would be…’ moments around 5 years ago. I wanted to do something I was going to love doing and also make a positive difference. As a family, we all love to snuggle up together and it seemed to me that creating a sofa that was so comfortable that you would never want to get out of it was a really good starting point for a range of products. The idea of making them entirely from natural materials and to really high standards was all part of wanting to create something that made a difference not only for the environment but also for the customers who bought them too.
Talk us through the steps that you took from having the original idea to turning your dream into reality and having your very first sofa made.

 I’ve been lucky enough to have designed lots of sofas over the years, so the basic steps of making sketches and getting a prototype made was very familiar to me. What was new was the idea of making them entirely without plastic of any type. I think most people would be surprised to know that almost every sofa that’s on the market today is made largely from some kind of plastic based foam. Yes, it really is true, whether you’re buying a sofa for a few hundred pounds or a few thousand, almost every one will have a large proportion of plastic based foam inside. So to start with a brief of saying ‘no to plastic’ across every component was quite a big step. In fact it took us nearly 2 years of development to get them to their final stage and ready for production. We worked with a manufacturer I first met when I ran the Buying team for The Conran Shop. We’ve known each over for 24 years now and now my son and his son are both involved in the running of the businesses. We took a lot of time and different prototypes to perfect each part to get them to be as comfortable as they are.

What were the most important factors when it came to creating your perfect sofa?
 Above all – we set out to create the most comfortable sofa ever. It might seem like a big challenge, but to us, one that was seriously worth aiming for. We wanted to create something that was so incredibly comfortable that when you sat down, not only would your body relax, but your mind would as well. So creating something that was so comfortable that you would never want to leave it was a very big factor. Additionally, experience has shown me that people like their sofas to be suitable for different types of seating. From somewhere to sit when you have friends over through to somewhere to completely unwind in. As a result, we worked really carefully on every detail from the height and depth of the seat to how soft the spring base is to the thickness and density of the cushions and so on – to ensure that we created a sofa that was going to ‘work’ in many different ways. As well as this, we wanted to create a sofa that could change depending on the style of room and potentially the time of year. This is why we have focused so much on creating our range with loose covers and selling spare sets of covers too. It means our customers can achieve an entirely different look for their sofa without changing the entire piece.
How many do you have on your team now?
 There are currently 18 of us across the UK, Australia and the US – with more people joining each month.

Who would you say your target market is?

Most of our customers are women over 40 who, together with their partners and families, are able to purchase high quality products. In all cases, our customers are passionate about sitting in something that is incredibly comfortable and almost all of them are particularly interested in buying a product that is made from natural materials that will last a lifetime.
Why do they cost what they do?
The simplest way of answering this is because of how they are made, where they are made and what they are made from. They are made to last forever, we make each one from natural materials that are almost entirely local to where they are made. In other words, the UK sofas are made by people in the UK entirely from natural materials that are almost exclusively from the UK. The same goes for the US and Australia – we make from natural materials that we source locally. So that’s the shorter version – the longer version is that by using natural materials, it usually takes at least 3 times as long to make as making one from blocks of foam. When you add in the totally different cost of materials, you start to get an idea of why they cost what they do. To give you an idea, just one of the seat cushions for our sofa costs over £300 at cost – so that’s £360 inc VAT just for one of the cushions without fabric.
Can you explain how your business works?
We market our products digitally and sell to our customers direct without the costs of having stores. This means we can sell exceptionally high quality products for mid-high end prices. As a guide, our prices represent around a 60% discount of what they would have to retail for if they were sold in a furniture store. The reason for this is that most stores have to mark up around 3 times from cost including VAT to cover the costs of running the stores. We don’t have these costs so can pass on the benefits of much higher quality products as a result.
Has the first year been as successful as you hoped?
 Our first year has been truly inspiring and a lot of fun as well. We switched on the UK site in late Jan 2018 and within days were receiving our first orders from all over the world. We’re now manufacturing in the UK, Australia and the US and are growing in a really positive way month of month. The feedback we get each day via email, social media messages and phone calls is truly wonderful. There are so many things that we feel incredibly grateful for – one of the loveliest things we hear is how our sofas change the way that a family interacts, such as children coming out of their rooms and away from their screens simply to sit together on the sofas and chairs. That to us is about as successful as you can ask for as a sofa company.

What’s the next step for Maker & Son?

 As far as our product range is concerned, we’re launching our range of beds using 100% natural materials. As far as expansion is concerned, the US is a big focus this year as well as across Europe as well. Our mobile showroom concept has been such a huge success that we will be rolling this out across each of the regions we currently operate in.

And finally, if you could choose any bum to sit on your sofa, who’s would it be? 

We’ve had quite a few famous names buy our sofas already which is really lovely. I have to say though, the people I most like to see sitting in them is our family. There’s nothing nicer than seeing them all getting super cosy and watching a great film together…although they’d probably tell you they’ll usually wake me up at the end having fallen asleep in the first half an hour!


Thank you so much Alex. I hope you guys enjoyed finding more out about Maker & Son, there’s so much more that goes into it than you could ever imagine.


If you need me… you know where I’ll be!
Maker & Son love seat
Our new love seat from Maker & Son


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