Mixing metals

Those days of having to declare yourself a gold or silver person are long gone. I love mixing up my jewellery, for example stacking bracelets look far more edgy and modernised when you mix them up rather than sticking to one metal don’t you think? Well it’s exactly the same when it comes to interiors.

However mixing different metal finishes can be a big challenge. I think most people have a tendency to want to match things, so a lot of my clients think I’m going crazy when I suggest mixing metals but it’s actually a simple design trick that makes a room more interesting by playing with the senses and creating depth and visual interest. Silver with gold? Copper and brass? Yes, yes, yes!! Matchy-matchy is so boring and its never going to excite you or take your space to the next level. I love the contrast and variety that mixing metals brings to a space. It’s also a great way to give your home a collected look rather then looking like it’s jumped out of a show home. 

Mixing metals in the home

Here a few ideas to get you mixing it up!

  1. Try starting off with one metal in different finishes. So for example mix golds in a brushed, hammered and shiny finish so you’re just playing with different shades of the same metal.

2. Let your favourite metal be the more dominant one. Start to introduce smaller items a like tea light holders and photo frames in different metals then once you’re happy with that and feeling more confident you can add a few larger items like side tables, mirrors etc….

3. Use black metal like iron and gunmetal as a base metal. They work with anything and everything so you can’t really go wrong. 

4. Mix up your gallery wall. This is a great way to experiment when it comes to mixing metals, combine silver and bronze frames to get the effect without taking the risk.

5. Don’t forget fabrics. Fabrics in Metallic finishes are a great way to add in some variety and texture and also spread your palette throughout the space.  Like this cushion below from La Redoute. Cushions are such a great way to introduce new colours as they can so easily be switched when you fancy a change.

6. Always add a mix of softer textures to contrast and balance out the metallics, like sheepskins, velvet, chunky knitted throws and cushions.

7. Almost anything looks good against dark walls, especially metallics! Read my Dare to go dark blog post to find out how to incorporate darker hues into your home.

When it’s done right people won’t walk into the room and go “OMG they’ve got silver next to gold!” they will just think what a fabulous space you have. Breaking some rules and coming out of your comfort zone is good, it makes you far more creative. If you’re still struggling, not quite sure what’s missing or just need help creating your dream interiors then my Express E-stylng package is perfect for you.


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Mixing metals in interiors

Various shades of gold – Pinterest.

Mixing metals in interiors

Mixing gold, bronze, zinc and distressed metal – Pinterest.

Mixing metals in interiors

Bathrooms are a great way to experiment – Pinterest.

Mixing metals in interiors

Mixing bronze and silver frames as part of a gallery wall – Source Artynads

Mixing metal in interiors

Fabrics in Metallic finishes are a great way to add variety when mixing up your metals. Source – My Home.

Mixing metal in the home

Copper, silver and gold work well together on my fireplace.


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